The History of the Peek’Size Football Guide

Ernie Peek’s Legacy

The Peek’Size Football Guide has been a fan favorite for over 80 years! Mr. Ernie Peek didn’t have the soul of an author. He had the heart of a salesman.

In 1928, Earnest Wilburn Peek began publishing a two-sided single page schedule card showing two small east Tennessee high school schedules: Franklin High School and Battle Ground Academy. In the 30’s Mr. Peek began selling ads on the schedule cards. He had no way to anticipate in 1939 that his early printing efforts would evolve into the now famous PEEK’SIZE FOOTBALL GUIDE.

That two-sided schedule idea has grown into the current version of the PEEK’SIZE FOOTBALL GUIDE that has been published in 28 states, (including Hawaii) with circulation numbers that swelled to more than 600,000 annually. Mr. Peek attributed the success of the guide to its small size and used to say “Peek Size is Keep Size”. “People can put it in their shirt pocket, they don’t know it’s there… but yet they do.”

How many sports publications do you know that have survived for 80+ years?

The PEEK’SIZE FOOTBALL GUIDE features a major university conference but, it was the first guide to also include pro, local small college, high school and prep schedules. Some even include a section on offenses and penalties for all the “rules junkies.” It is a statisticians dream for serious football fans. The content inside is updated annually. The cover has had a few modifications over the 80 years, but basically remains very similar to the original with a few special anniversary issues over the years.

Year after year, the PEEK’SIZE FOOTBALL GUIDE has proven itself to be a valuable advertising tool. During its 80+ years of existence, copies of PEEK’SIZE have been requested from practically every state in the U.S. and also from several foreign countries. The PEEK’SIZE FOOTBALL GUIDE is still one of the most popular guides printed today and has kept its popularity through our thousands of fans who collect and keep editions each year. This enhances the value of PEEK’SIZE by keeping our advertisers’ names before thousands of potential customers for years at a time.

Mr. Ernie Peek passed away in November of 1999. His son, Leslie Peek kept the business going for many years, but sold it to Rick and Lesli Bishop in 2015. Leslie continued to sell to his loyal customers until 2021. Sadly, Mr. Leslie Peek passed away in May of 2022. Even after the sale and his passing, the vision of his PEEK’SIZE FOOTBALL GUIDE can still be seen today. With Rick and Lesli Bishop, the tradition of the PEEK’SIZE GUIDE lives on.

– History compiled from Peek family archived news articles.

Rick and Lesli Bishop of Gadsden, AL with Leslie Peek in 2015.

In the same tradition as the Peek “dynasty”, the Bishop’s plan is to continue the long-running publication through dedication and hard work. The Bishop’s vision for Peek’Size is to charge into the future with the same passion and love of the game that made the Peek’Size Football Guide what it is today!

Areas of Focus

  • Northwest Alabama
  • North Alabama
  • Birmingham
  • Northwest Florida
  • Greater ATL
  • North Georgia
  • Columbus, Georgia
  • Knoxville Tennessee
  • South & East Alabama
  • Macon, Georgia